City of Detroit

Detroit Building Authority

Detroit Land Bank

Southwest Solution

516 West Grand Boulevard  
North Campbell

City of River Rouge
95 Elm street


Beacon Field,
The City of Grosse Pointe Park
350 C.yards of spoils


  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church

800 S Military St,

Dearborn, MI 48124

General Contractor :
300 C.Yds of Soils Removed for Elevator Pit

  • Roberts River Walk Hotel 
Foundation prepare  for new pavilion
Removed 2000 c.yd for spoils 

Demolition Job
  • Detroit Land Bank
18 Homes  for urban Blight removal 
38 Homes  for urban Blight removal
05 Homes  for urban Blight removal 
10 Homes  for urban Blight removal 
34 Homes  for urban Blight removal 
12 Homes  for urban Blight removal 
Total 117 


  • Mt. Hermon Baptist Church
Single Story Church 2800 sq ft.
2926 Sumpter Road
Southwest Solution 

 3946 North Campbell 1500 Sq. Ft. 
 3854 35th Street   1200 Sq. Ft. 

Doug McLain 

516 West Grand Boulevard 1700 Sq. Ft Two Story 

Ms. Horton 
12786 Hubbell  Two Story 1200 Sq. Ft. 
9383 Memorial Single Story House 750 Sq. Ft. 

 Swimming Pool removal
  • Ms. Noah Hitch
Single Family 1700 sq. ft. 
1491 Vine Wood Street
  • Renovate Detroit, LLC 

Single Family -1700 sq ft. 

Knock Down

2628 15th Street Detroit, Michigan 48216

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